Welcome to the Franklin County PVA Office Website

The Franklin County PVA Office is dedicated to serving the public and assisting the public in understanding the Kentucky Property Tax System. New policies and procedures and current statutes will be posted to keep taxpayers informed. Current certified Tax Roll (assessments), characteristics when available, as well as ownership information, will be available on our Property Search Quick Link.

Meet Kellie Lang, PVA

  • Kellie Lang has worked her way up the property valuation ladder through an extensive career with the Department of Revenue as well as for the Franklin, Campbell and Boone County PVA offices.  She is extremely well-versed on the intricacies of PVA policies and procedures, and has spoken at many conferences for PVAs as well as provided her own training workshops.  Kellie has been a liaison between many organizations and her career has provided her the opportunity to network with county and state officials across the commonwealth.
  • Certified Kentucky Assessor (2005)
  • Senior Kentucky Assessor (2008)

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